Word Print Buttons 3.0

Word Print Buttons 3.0



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Date Added:05 April, 2010

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Author: JR-Software

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With this Add-In for MS-Word you can build up to 24 free configurable toolbar buttons for printing. For each of them you can define the printer, the tray for the first page, the tray for the other pages, the duplex option and much more. Includes stamp function.So for example you can create:Button 1 to print out the actual document on printer 1 tray1 for a test print.Button 2 to print out the same document page 1 on printer 2 tray 3 and the other pages on printer 2 tray 1.Button 3 to create a PDF-document.Button 4 to send a fax.Button 5 to do the jobs of button1 to button4 with only one click!In the advanced version you can print out different stamps (pictures) with each button.
So you can print different versions of your document with only one click.
For example.
Version 1 normal paper with stamp"internal use only"Version 2 page 1 special paper tray A other pages special paper tray B with stamp"external use ....."Version 3 draft print 8 pages on one without a stamp.Features:
1 click to print out up to 24 different jobs.
Create up to 24 free configurable print jobs.
Define for each button the printer to be used.
Define for each button the tray for the first page.
Define for each button the tray for the other pages.
Define for each button the duplex option.Define for each button the print task (show dialogue, print preview, direct print).
Define paper saving draft printing 2, 4, 8 sides on one page. ( from Word2007 and higher)
Save all your settings for other users in the network.
Print different stamps on each job (advanced version only).
From version 1.2 and higher, the tool supports mail merge print.
Print more than one page from the first page tray.
Split your document.
Integrated stamp designer.

Systems: Win2000, WinXP

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